The Art of Behavior

This past weekend I had the privilege of visiting Glenstone museum. I enjoyed the peaceful walks through the grounds and galleries. It's a great way to clear the mind; I highly recommend visiting.

I was inspired by the art and started to wonder if dog training is an art? Perhaps when training science is applied flawlessly, the learner becomes the canvas and behavior the brush. After years of study and practice, this trainer can enhance, highlight, and diminish behavior within seconds. Watching such a trainer is to appreciate a masterpiece work of art.

Co-Founders Jackie Moyano and Amy LaFererra are traveling to Hot Springs, Arkansas this week to learn from such artists/trainers. We're excited to learn from accomplished international trainers in fields including competition obedience, police and military K9, agility, dolphins, and birds. Not to mention Bob Bailey, ScD carrying on Marian Breland Bailey's wish he continue sharing the training technology. If you're interested in sharing this experience, here's a link to the conference webcast. Live Streaming Event Profits will go to the:
Marian Breland Bailey Memorial Scholarship Fund

We're looking forward to exchanging ideas with these trainers and all of the attendees. We look forward to bringing the art of training into your living room!