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jackie moyano

Jackie Moyano, BS, CPDT-KA transitioned careers from a respiratory therapist to dog training. In addition to caring for patients, she also taught both patients and respiratory therapy students. Jackie's medical teaching experience lends itself to teaching people how to train their dogs. Jackie's dog training education includes completing 3 of Pat Miller's academies, attending Ken Ramirez' Animal Training Seminar at SHEDD Aquarium, attending Sue Sternberg's Eden Internship working with sled dogs, along with completing all 5 of the Bailey-Farhoody chicken workshops where Jackie learned animal training science and practiced training skills with chickens.  Jackie's training partners are her Siamese cat and her terrier mix. Jackie and her terrier mix currently practice competition obedience and compete in Nosework.


amy laferrera

Amy LaFerrera, BA Psychology, KPA CTP,  previously worked with children with Autism and people with traumatic brain injuries. She volunteered for a rabbit rescue group and for a small rural shelter; these experiences sparked her interest in pursuing a career in animal training. Amy’s animal training education includes Pat Millers Level 1 academy, completing the Professional Dog Trainer course at Karen Pryor Academy, completing three levels of the Bailey-Farhoody Chicken Workshops, becoming a Family Paws Parent Educator, attending Sue Sternberg’s Eden internship working with Alaskan husky sled dogs, and the Behavior By Bailey at Sea seminar. She also worked at an animal shelter and has volunteered with HSUS, both of which have influenced her interest in animal behavior science. She currently lives with three mixed breed dogs and volunteers at the National Zoo.