Who's Training Who?

What motivates you on your training journey? Most likely, it's the desire for a well-behaved dog. Reaching this goal is all about behavior change. You want to change your dog's behavior? First you have to change your behavior. If you've reached out to a professional dog trainer, congratulations, you've already changed your behavior!

Nearly every dog trainer has heard a client chuckle and sheepishly say, "You're really training me." That's exactly right! Dog trainers are really people trainers. We're coaching you how to train your dog. That's why it's important to find the trainer and training experience that works best for you and your dog.

Your trainer should be willing to change her behavior to help you succeed. Is your trainer able to explain the same concept in multiple ways, finding an explanation and example that resonates with you? After observing you with your dog, how quickly does your dog trainer's coaching move you towards your behavior goals?

Training is not a "one size fits all" activity. As you are observing your dog and training a behavior, your trainer is observing you and your dog and coaching you on your behavior. A good trainer adjusts her coaching style to bring out the best trainer in you. Meta!

So yes, dog trainers are really training you! Behavior change can be challenging. Make sure the dog trainer you're working with embraces change and advocates for you and your dog. Here at Behavior United, LLC, we believe that training creates a more perfect union between you and your dog. United we train.