Training Road Trip

When evaluating which continuing education events to attend, trainers often consider cost, location, time, and value. We consider all of those things along with who can we drive with, how much food can we bring, and where are we going to eat? Trainers like us often enjoy road trips filled with snacks, laughter, and behavior science discussions. We enjoyed all of that and more on a recent adventure!

This week we geeked out over two seminars given by Sue Sternberg: Managing and Training Tips for Dog-Dog Reactivity and Avoiding Dog Play Dangers. Our biggest take-away was how to inspire people to engage with their dogs. Part of this engagement is with training of course, and training so that your dog begs you to ask them to do something! You want intense attention from your dog with that “best day ever” look on their face because they can’t wait to see which fabulous behavior you’re about to ask them to do. Sounds fun, right?

You know what’s also fun? Play! Sue Sternberg says,“If you play with your dog as much as other dogs do, the benefit is that your dog wants to be with you. That is true leadership.” Play doesn’t end with fetch or tug. Silly games like hide and seek can be great fun along with chasing your dog. I curl up my arms and chase my dog like a T-Rex as I squeal, “I’m gonna get yooooouuuuuuu.” Dog sports are also a wonderful way to play with your dog! There are so many dog sports now that dogs and people of any age and fitness level can participate. I often tell clients to go to Camp Gone to The Dogs to try a variety of sports as well as connect with their dog and other dog lovers.

After all of that fun training and play, what’s a better way to end the day than with massaging your best furry friend? This has health benefits for both dog and human alike.

Think of engaging your dog like going on a road trip. Start with training, stop at the rest stop for play, and refuel with a massage. What’s your dog’s favorite road trip look like? As always, we enjoyed Sue’s seminar and look forward to sharing more of these ideas with you.