Stuff It!

Anyone who has done behavior modification with a pet knows the time it takes to see improvement. Sometimes we take 5 steps forward only to take 2 steps backwards the next day. Self-care is important when working through a behavior modification plan with your pet. Do you have a creative outlet? Personally, I love the creativity and immediate gratification of cooking.

While grocery shopping can sometimes feel like a chore, I love the tasty possibilities that tease my mind away from my long to-do list. Like everyone multitasking, my mind inevitably goes back to work as I walk the grocery aisles. My dog trainer brain, recharged with creativity, starts looking for new food to put into food puzzles.

Some of the grocery store finds I love for stuffing into food puzzles are canned pumpkin, baby food in squeeze tubes, yogurt in squeeze tubes, cheese in a can, meatballs, rotisserie chicken, canned salmon, and peanut butter in “to-go” cups. At home, sometimes I look in my refrigerator and give myself a food puzzle Iron Chef challenge.

We'd like to hear your favorite stuffable food puzzle recipes! Find our Facebook post called Stuff It!, like and share the post, then write your recipe and include a picture of your dog enjoying your recipe in a stuffable food puzzle. The picture with the most likes wins a food puzzle! Winner announced on Thanksgiving.

Jackie MoyanoComment