Fido's Fall Report Card


Time to evaluate our dog's behavior, because much like winter, company is coming. Where is her behavior now, during pumpkin latte season, and where do we want it to be by gingerbread latte season? What are your dog's strengths and which behaviors need improvement?

Build on your dog's strengths. Does your dog jump into her bed every evening? Start asking her to jump into her bed while you make and eat dinner. Give her a stuffed frozen food puzzle to enjoy while staying on her bed.

Does your dog give paw? Put your dog in a crate or another room while guests arrive. After everyone settles, prepare them for the rover reception line. Bring your dog out on leash and have your dog sit and give paw down the line of seated guests.

Expect a lot of deliveries between now and the end of December? If your dog barks whenever he hears the doorbell or knocking, leave a note outside of your door asking everyone not to knock or ring the doorbell. Ask friends and family to text you upon arrival. Train knocking or the doorbell ringing as a cue for your dog to go to bed or grab a toy. You can also knock or ring the doorbell and feed him. Teach him that hearing a knock or the doorbell means stay quiet because the treat drone is on it's way!

If your canine companion is a “C” student, make a behavior improvement plan. Many force-free trainers offer mini manner refresher classes this time of year. There’s still time for your dog to earn many gold stars! Check out Behavior United's group classes at We also make house calls for private tutoring!

Jackie MoyanoComment