Private Training


All animals are unique - including you. Private training allows our trainers to listen to your behavior goals and create a custom training plan. We strive for a collaborative training experience and encourage our clients to communicate freely with us, to discuss what's working and what isn't, and to share setbacks as well as successes. Using reward-based, force free training technology, we'll work together to create a more perfect union between you and your dog.


Private Dog Training

Private training begins with an initial appointment to discuss your dog's behavior and your goals, observe your dog in the home setting, and allow you to become familiar with your trainer and the basics of how animals learn. From there, any follow-up sessions are approximately 1 hour.

Ideal for:

  • flexibility in scheduling

  • reactive or fearful dogs and dogs with separation anxiety

  • new puppies

  • dogs recovering from surgery or with other medical concerns

  • families with young children

  • homes with multiple dogs and other pets

  • any training goal, from basic manners to more severe behavior issues

All private training sessions include a training plan tailored to your dog's needs, your lifestyle, and your goals. This plan is fluid and can be revised as we progress together. You will also receive a summary of the skills introduced or built upon after each session. We're available for support at any time via email, text, or phone calls as you and your dog progress. 

The initial session fee starts at $150. Exact rate may be higher (up to $225) based on the severity of behavior issue(s).

Follow-up sessions are $125. Discounted package pricing is available. 

Contact us now to discuss your specific needs or schedule an appointment.



training for other pets

We've got love for all types of animals, not just dogs. If you've got pets of another species and are looking for behavior help, we have you covered. Private sessions in your home with your pet follows the same structure and includes the same perks as our private dog training. 

Our trainers have experience with many different species, including cats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, cockatiels, budgies, and other companion birds, and even rats. 

Get in touch today to inquire about your training goals with your pet pal.



Teacher’s pet

Wouldn't it be amazing if someone could train your dog while you're at work or running errands? Well, we can do that! 

We can stop by during the day to help advance your dog's training while you're busy taking care of your daily life. Our trainers can work on any of your training goals, from getting your puppy a head start on positive socialization to helping your distracted dog focus. 

You're kept completely in the loop with session updates, photos, and videos so you can stay on top of reinforcing Rover's progress. We'll also have regular follow-up sessions with you to teach you how to keep up your dog's new behavior skills. 

Our Teacher’s Pet rate is $65/hour. Additional parking fees may apply.

Rates for sessions with you present are the same as regular private training; the initial session fee starts at $150. Exact rate may be higher (up to $225) based on the severity of behavior issue(s). Follow-up sessions are $125, with discounts available for packages. 

Connect with us to go over your needs and get a quote.