Group Classes

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We've got a variety of group class offerings around the Washington, DC area. If you're looking for something specific but don't see it listed, contact us to let us know your suggestion!



11414 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD


Party Crashers/2 weeks, $60

Does your dog great guests like a bowling ball or a kangaroo? Does your dog swipe food from the table? Does your dog grab your underwear and then tear through the house? Help is on the way! Learn how to set yourself and your dog up for success in 2 short classes.

Classes on Sunday, 11/4 and Sunday 11/11 at 9:15am. Class total $60.00.

Dogs 4 months and older welcome!


Let’s Pawty!/2 weeks, $60

Do you have a wild child? Need a way to harness her exuberance? Join us as we teach your dog the joys of chilling out after the zoomies.  In addition to teaching your dog impulse control, learn how to create a sniffari and DIY food puzzles!

Classes on Sunday 11/18 and Sunday 12/2 at 9:15am.  Class total $60.00.

Dogs 4 months and older welcome!


Scent Detection/4 weeks, $120

The nose knows! Join us for this fun class teaching dogs how to tell us when they've found a target odor. The target odor can be your keys, an essential oil like birch, anise, & clove, antlers, or an odor you choose!

Class begins Sunday Nov 4th at 10:30am. Classes will be held on 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, and 12/2. Class total $120.00

Dogs of any age and skill level welcome. Dogs with reactive behavior welcome.


Humane Rescue Alliance

15 Oglethorpe St. NW, Washington, DC


Sniff This, Eat That/4 weeks, $120

Sniff this, Eat that! is an introductory nose games class that shows your dog how much fun searching for a specific odor can be. Your dog will learn to stop on odor and tell you when they've found it. You and your dog can do this for fun and for sport. This low impact sport requires very little equipment and is fun for all ages of both people and dogs.


Holiday Manners: Canine Skills for House Guests and Parties/4 weeks, $120

Is your dog out of control when guest arrive for the holidays? This specialized, four-week mini-series will teach your dog appropriate manners for when guests come to town. Dogs will learn to go-to-place when people knock at the door; leave it with decorations, food, and presents, and how to relax on their mat during human meals instead of begging for food. They'll also learn how to offer more polite greetings to friends and family.


Your Dog’s Friend

12221 Parklawn Dr., Rockville, MD

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Holiday Manners Workshop/2 Hours, $45

Holidays can be a confusing time for your dog. New people, new activities, new stuff just laying there for the taking. Holidays are a test of self control for our dogs. So, we've come up with a two hour quick introduction, with your dog, to some of what you and your dog should know to make it through these stressful times. We’ll introduce laying on a mat, leave it, go-to-place, and polite greetings. Prerequisite: Positive Basic or Puppy Kindergarten class or positive private training. Dogs in class must be friendly with other dogs and people.


Leash and Learn


Leash and Learn

Want to take your dog with reactivity on a managed walk with other dogs and a trainer? Join us as we stagger entrances onto trails and walk with other dog owners who understand the challenges of walking a dog with fear and/or reactivity. Walks in various locations throughout the DMV. Contact us for details.