Spring Training for Summer Fun

Spring is a popular time to adopt a puppy or new dog. When considering what to train your new dog to do, think about your current lifestyle and how that might evolve in summertime. Do you need a dog who can tag along to BBQs and the beach? Plan on bringing your furry family member to dog-friendly venues on weekends? Need a dog who can behave at baseball and soccer games? Need your dog to settle during outdoor concerts and movies? Achieve your goals of a well-behaved and well-socialized dog by starting a spring training program now.

Here is a block of behaviors to begin your spring training lineup:

1. Leave It

Not only useful for chicken bones on the street! When taught as an attention cue, “Leave It” can be used to redirect your dog's attention from people, baby strollers, bicyclists, hot BBQ grills, and other dogs.

2. Go To Place

Need your dog to chill out next to you while you dine all fresco or watch the game? Need to prevent door darting? This is your go-to behavior!

Aero waiting for our flight

Aero waiting for our flight

3. Come Here

Giving your dog off leash time after reaching the beach? Ready for some hiking? Make sure your recalls are reliable with distractions!

4. Go Say Hi

Would you prefer your dog “ask permission” to greet rather than drag you to the friendly stranger? Do you want your dog to greet people with four paws on the floor? Teach a polite greeting routine.

All of these behaviors are useful for public outings. During spring break, my husband and I navigated a dog-friendly family vacation including the busy Washington DC and Orlando airports using every single one of these behaviors. “Leave It” was especially useful when our dog got the munchies after taking a chill pill for the flight.

Need to start your dog's training program or refresh some forgotten manners? We are ready to coach both you and your canine! Train today for tomorrow's home run! Not in the Metro DC area? Ask us about our Behavior Anywhere distance learning program. www.behaviorunited.com 301-244-9808

Aero walking through the airport

Aero walking through the airport