Lending a Hand, One Paw at a Time

Everyone is feeling the impact of the government shutdown, especially federal workers, federal contractors, and small business owners. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs are donating or discounting services while others volunteer time and goods to federal workers and contractors. It's inspiring to see everyone pitching in to help one another!

Having a dog or cat at home may provide comfort to those who have been furloughed. If you have been spending more time with your dog or cat lately, you may have noticed some behaviors you are starting to wonder about. We can lend a hand, one paw at a time! Our small, local, women-owned business is offering free 15-minute video chats along with free walk and talks. Take your dog for a walk with a Behavior United LLC professional dog trainer to get some fresh air and answers to your training questions!

Would you and your friends or family like an in-home training session? We're offering discounted semi-private lessons as well. If you would like to sponsor a behavior consult for a federal worker or contractor, please let us know. For enrichment and training games, read our previous blog post called Furloughed with Furry Friends.

Here's how other entrepreneurs, community members, and companies are contributing to the relief efforts:

Please reach out to us for your dog (and cat, bunny, or bird) training needs. United we train. www.BehaviorUnited.com

Our woman-owned small business is offering • Free Video Chat • Free Walk & Talk • Discounted semi-private lessons United We Train..png