Give Me Five

Do you think that taking your dog on vacation with you will be just like having your dog at home? Think again. We’re not discouraging you from taking your dog on your family vacation, quite the contrary. We’re here to help you make a plan! Below are lists of 5 things to be prepared for.

First, make sure your dog can do these 5 behaviors reliably:

  1. Go to a mat and lay down

  2. Down stay

  3. Leave it

  4. Recalls

  5. Loose leash walking

Second, be prepared for unexpected behaviors in the new place such as:

  1. Chewing

  2. Pacing

  3. Whining

  4. Barking

  5. House training accidents

The above unexpected behaviors may indicate your dog being unsure about his new surroundings. Below are some suggestions for mitigating your dog’s stressors.

  1. Before going into the vacation home, potty your dog outside

  2. Give more frequent potty breaks than needed at home

  3. Engage in daily exercise

  4. Provide mental stimulation with food puzzles and training games

  5. Offer frozen treats and chew toys

Mitigate your stress:

  1. Speak to your dog’s veterinarian about your travel plans

  2. Speak to your dog’s trainer about your travel plans

  3. Look up veterinarians local to your vacation spot

  4. Look up dog sitters local to your vacation spot

  5. Make a doggie first aid kit

Being prepared and having contingency plans will help you enjoy sharing your family vacation with your dog. We hope these lists of five will have you high fiving each other about your successful dog-friendly vacation!