Train Your Pets for Your Good Morning

When does training start? Would you guess before you get out of bed? Sun’s up, pets are up! “All paws on deck, let’s get those eyes open! You, with the thumbs, let’s open doors and cans!” Cats tap you on your head and knock your glasses off the nightstand. Dogs start whining and pacing. While we don’t have a bedside fire hose to cool our pets’ jets, we can rehearse a response.

How do you want your pets behaving before you get out of bed? Cats can’t knock off what is not there, so clear off dressers and nightstands. If your dog is pacing and or barking in your face, getting up will reinforce this annoying behavior. Try turning over, hiding under a pillow, putting your earbuds in, and ignoring him until he is still or quiet for a few minutes.

Now that you’re up, what’s next? Do you want getting out of bed to be a cue that all pets’ desires will be immediately met? Linger in the bathroom a while so upright person doesn’t mean instant breakfast for pets.

Once you’re up, some pets crowd their food bowl, demanding breakfast by pawing or more vocalizing. Teaching your pet to stay in one spot while you get their food dish is much easier than it seems. Now, even before you’ve had your coffee, you’ve practiced rewarding your pets for quiet behavior and a “stay in place” behavior.

My husband and I have a morning routine that works for us and our pets. We’ve tamed our terrier’s morning mania. We’ve turned the volume down on our Siamese cat’s singing the songs of his people.

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